Adrian Gatto - Weeping Willow

Owner of Weeping Willow Records
Playing classical guitar for 10 years, Djing for 5 years and producing for 3 years, having a release in the top 5 minimal charts and multiple tracks in the top 100 minimal charts it was only a matter of time before Adrian launched his own record label, his networks and residencies at clubs around Melbourne have made him a recognised face in the scene and ready to further his musical career.

Brendan Shameless - Mastering

Shameless has been instrumental in pushing the Melbourne sound out of small, underground clubs and into the lives of a wider demographic of music lovers, now being recognized on a world wide scale.

He now offers a professional mixdown/mastering service.


Kosta Sakkas - Asura Melbourne

Owner of Asura Melbourne Clothing
Kosta runs a very succesful Melbourne street wear and his business is growning rapidly. Kosta has linked arms with Weeping Willow Records to grow and sell Asura merchandise and limited edition AsuraWillow merchandise.

Natalie Maulucci - Maulucci Design

Owner of Maulucci Design
Natalie, arguably one of the best designers to come out of Melbourne, Looking after all major venue flyers in Melbourne and having done work for high profile artists such as Will Sparks,Joel Fletcher, Tigerlily, Orkestrated and many many more it's huge to have Natalie talents on-board with the
Weeping Willow Records team.

Orgy - A&R

A pinnacle icon in the minimal scene, over the past 6 years Orgy has pushed boundaries and developed his own unique twist on minimal, constantly smashing the minimal charts and gaining world wide recognition Orgy is on track for a large career. Orgy has also put his hand up wanting to be a part of the A&R team at Weeping Willow Records, Orgy and the team will be sifting out and only signing the best tracks for the label but Orgy is also going to be available to help aspiring young producers, If they have questions about their tracks.

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